IVAC Industrial vacuum systems are the most economical choice for any bulk material handling project. Our vac systems are able to transfer a wide range of products either wet or dry. One of the big advantages our equipment has over other vacuum systems is the ability to discharge material short or long distances into storage bins, tanks and other holding units. Once the tank is filled it is emptied into a storage unit or pumped off site and is ready to be filled again, keeping the production line moving. Our PV systems have only three moving parts (knife gates). The limited interaction between moving parts and the transfer material minimizes wear and tear on the equipment. This is one of the many reasons IVAC systems are so durable and require little upkeep.

Our PV250 & PV500 models are the most common units we produce. They are powerful and highly adaptable, being used in applications from the food industry and farming to mining and construction. They utilize compressed air to create vacuum in the tank and to pressurize the tank and lines to discharge material. The units can be operated by the control panel on the machine or by remote control. The systems can be automated as well with the timers found on the control panel. Automated applications are perfect for IVAC units because they are a real workhorse. They run trouble free once configured and with the safety integrations installed on the equipment the operator can be secure in knowing that if there ever is an issue IVAC units are the safest in the industry.

IVAC industrial vacuums are available for sale or rent. Units are built and tested in our Kamloops BC facility and shipped anywhere in the world. Systems can be customized to suit the clients’ requirements. IVAC units can be sequenced together to create a large transfer hub without the need to build lots of expensive infrastructure. Industrial hose and piping can be used to connect equipment, keeping the whole system portable.

List of Applications :
  • Liquid and sludge pumping
  • Dry materials transfer
  • Gravel pumping
  • Sand pumping
  • Railcar and barge clean out
  • Mine conveyor clean up
  • Sewage pumping
  • Cement and concrete pumping
  • Mine Dewatering
  • Precision Vacuum Excavation
  • Sump & Holding Tank Clean-up
  • Ballast & Bilge Muck Out
  • Organic Waste Transfer
  • Filter Media Maintenance
  • Slurry Pumping
  • Woodchip & Sawdust Clean-up