Model No. PV 500

The Industrial Vacuum Transfer System Model No. PV 500, our flagship vacuum unit, picks up your desired material and then delivers it to your desired location through a pipeline. The venture type Vacuum/Discharge unit is powered with compressed air. No wiring or electrical connections are required. An internal 12-volt system runs all the controls. The operator flips a switch and starts delivering product. It can even be setup to run automatic or remote start depending on your desired application. Material 4â minus including rock, gravel, sand sludgeâs and slimes wet or dry, the material is handled easily with this system. The unit is proficient in extracting 60 cubic meters of material per hour, while transferring/delivering matter over distances greater than three kilometers. PV 500 units are connectable in order to facilitate greater volume transfer of material, near double of a single PV 500 moving material in effect, continuously.