Material Transfer System

IVACs latest innovation is the MTS 500 (Material Transfer Systems). We have designed the MTS as an in line system that allows the use of a standard pipeline into a fixed vacuum system. Our Material Transfer System can be fitted into a range of pipes including steel and flexible suction/discharge hose and combinations thereof, offering considerable flexibility. Operating on compressed air, the MTS 500 provides consistent deliver of up to 25"hg+ of vacuum, enabling the uptake and transfer of the most difficult materials over great distance. Our Material Transfer System can be installed on small diameter tunnel boring systems to be used in hard rock where line and grade are critical.

Although this Material Transfer System (MTS 500) was designed specifically for use with long bores, where difficult ground conditions make it almost impossible to remove spoil, the MTS 500 will meet any application requirement where small confined areas call for extraction and removal of material over a great distance

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